Welcome to Your
Self Celebration Retreat

Check out the videos below to find out more about Rye Island & The RozyGlow Self Celebration Retreat

About this retreat

Time to relax, celebrate and revel in the new you!

This is for those looking to mark their growth and celebrate their learning, to revel in their achievements and to anchor the success, joy and love they have in their lives, to enable them to live fully with grace and ease.


Join us as we begin the retreat with a sacred cacao ceremony around the campfire on Friday evening. Introductions and self review will help us to define what we’re celebrating, lighting up the circle with joy and fun for the days to come. 


After a restful night, the harvest of our labours will continue with an enlightening yoga practice. Develop yourself further by joining one of a number of inspirational workshops, designed to support your inner growth, so that we can make more space to receive grace. 

Self development workshops

Go with your  flow

Workshops will include: 

  • Get the Love You Deserve, from Yourself!

  • Too Tough to Break (Men Only) 

  • Intention, Desire & Surrender: CoCreating with Sexual Energy 

  • Divine Prosperity


As the sun drops, we will turn to celebrate the new moon. We will revel with dance and organic movement as the night fall brings the harvest moon festival party to life. Fun and laughter, dancing and celebration will be our intent as we party through the night.


Awaken on Sunday to gentle yoga and a delicious brunch as we relax into our new cycle of love, joy, grace and ease. 

Accomodation options

Rest and relax in a beautiful location

Book yourself a Retreat ticket for £350, which includes the pitch price to bring your own tent. We have a couple of other glamping options, which you can upgrade to which include: 

  • Glamping Dome (sleeps 2) – £250 

  • Wendy House (sleeps 4 -6) - £400 

  • Bell Tents - Furnished (sleeps 2) – £240

  • Bell Tents – Un-Furnished (sleeps 2 – with basic mattresses) – £160 

  • Bell Tents - Furnished (sleeps 4) – £300 

  • Bell Tents – Un-Furnished (sleeps 4 – with basic mattresses) – £190 

*We also have limited beds available in the Annex for an extra charge. Call us once you've booked your ticket to discuss on tel: 07811694049 


Nourish your mind body and soul!

All of the communal meals are inclusive within the retreat and they include the following meals:

  • Saturday breakfast, lunch and evening feast

  • Sunday brunch


This is a party weekend and as such you are invited to bring your own drinks. We will be hosting a brilliant party on Saturday evening with an honesty bar serving up some party starters and dance-inducing delights. 

Go with the flow... the agenda

Friday, 27 September to Sunday, 29 September

Friday, 27th September

  • Arrival from 3pm

  • 6:30pm Cacao Ceremony to open the circle and a co-creation meditation to set our intentions


Saturday, 28th September

  • 8am Wake for Yoga

  • 9:30am Gather for breakfast

  • 10:30am Workshop 1 - Get the Love You Deserve, from Yourself!

  • 12:30pm Gather for a buffet lunch 

  • 2:00pm Workshop 2 - Too Tough to Break or Intention, Desire & Surrender: CoCreating with Sexual Energy

  • 4:00pm Gather for re-integration

  • 6:00pm Gather for evening meal & the sunset

  • 8:00pm Magical movement practice

  • 9:00pm New Moon to Sunrise Party begins

  • (6:55am Sunrise)


Sunday, 29th September

  • 7:00am Morning Yoga 

  • 9:00am Gather for breakfast

  • 11:00am Workshop 3 - Divine Prosperity

  • 2:00pm Gather for Closing Ceremony 

  • 4:00pm Departure